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i can't [imagine]
all the [people] that you know
and the [places] that you go
when the [lights] are turned down low

c'est moi!
nicole/nikkibob. 03.23.89. nc.

music. shopping. degrassi. reading. writing. emo. languages (french/ spanish). God. livejournal. sleep. summer. anything acoustic (yes, i'm a sucker. i <3 bn). mp3s. vintage. clothes & fashion. pink & purple.

je deteste
racism. rednecks &/or anything remotely country. winter. immaturity.

the killers (mr. brightside); soco (konstantine; she paints me blue); dashboard confessional (screaming infidelities; this bitter pill; several ways to die trying); tbs (eleven; ghost man on third; a decade under the influence); brand new (i will play my game beneath the spin light; me vs. madonna vs. elvis; seventy times seven); bright eyes (something vague; haligh, haligh, a lie, haligh; the center of the world); straylight run (existentialism on prom night); ben folds five (brick; narcolepsy); muse (falling away with you); death cab for cutie (title track); story of the year (swallow the knife; until the day i die); the early november (sunday drive; everthing's too cold but you're so hot); the get-up kids (i'll catch you); yellowcard (ocean avenue; back home); the postal service (this place is a prison; brand new colony); the used (i caught fire; yesterday's feelings; blue and yellow); et cetera

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June 20th, 2006]
i privated this journal because it makes me cringe to read old entries. ughhhh!
are sleeping in my living room

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